Art director & designer specialized in brand, packaging, and digital design.

Clearing Health

Post-Conversion Communications + Misc. Collateral

Clearing’s Post-Conversion Patient Communications
Health coaching is an integral part of the pain management process at Clearing, where patients have monthly visits with their health coach to assess their progress, adjust their care plan, and collaborate with the pain doctor on their care team to achieve pain relief.

The user experience design aimed to create a seamless and engaging experience for patients that would encourage them to schedule and attend their health coaching appointments, ultimately leading to improved pain management and health outcomes.

How might we increase scheduling and show rates for health coach visits by creating a user-centered design approach that is engaging, intuitive, and effectively communicates the benefits of health coaching to achieve successful pain management outcomes?

  • Designing for an older demographic with limited experience with technology and digital platforms.
  • Implementing a new care model for pain relief that was virtual, which was a departure from the traditional in-person pain management clinics. This often needed to be clarified for patients.
  • Patients were not scheduling their health coaching visits essential to their care plan to help alleviate their chronic pain.
  • Communicating the value of health coaching to patients who needed to understand its role in achieving pain relief.
  • Increasing scheduling and show rates for health coach visits were essential to successful pain management outcomes.

  • By taking into account that we were designing for an older demographic with limited experience with technology, we used larger font sizes and kept contrast as a priority. As well as a clear and simple layout that added delight but did not create additional distractions.
  • We used clear and concise language to explain the benefits and process of getting care at Clearing.
  • Used clear and actionable language to encourage patients to schedule their health coaching visits.
  • Included data and statistics to support the benefits of health coaching visits.
  • Included personalization to create an welcoming experience to our patients.

Billboard Creative

Social Media Creative




Uber Technologies Inc. is a ridesharing, food delivery, and transportation network company headquartered in San Francisco with operations in over 600 cities worldwide.

In early July 2021, Uber drivers were below 40% capacity which is leading to increase in prices and wait times. Uber reached out to to help bring awareness of the earning possibilites available at Uber. 

We wanted to create ads that would display a diverse set of people, and additional incentives to sign up to become a driver. We created static and video assets in order to have a variety of assets and to eventually iterate based on learnings.

We wanted these ads to be similar to the Uber App experience in order to keep the brand experience top of mind for the user. CTA’s are not allowed as buttons on UAC ads, but we’ve learned that creatives with CTA’s perform best in the UAC space. We explored various ways to enable the same urgency of a CTA without putting the ad at risk of being pulled. 

︎︎︎ Motion UAC Ads | With Face Covering

︎︎︎ Static UAC Ads | With Face Covering

︎︎︎ Motion UAC Ads | Without Face Covering 

︎︎︎ Static UAC Ads | Without Face Covering

These ads are currently out in the wild and we’re currently waiting on learnings to further iterate on creatives.

Art Direction: Camilo Perdomo
Design: Jessica Sedeno
Motion: Daniel Cruz
Photo & Video: 


Verb Products

Consumer Packaged Goods | Beauty Industry

Verb is a hair care brand made for people who want effective products at an affordable price point. They have a passion for saying what the product does and the product actually doing what it says.

Purple Mask Launch

Stepping into the color space was new territory for the Verb brand as it was previously specializing in shampoo and conditioners. Verb needed to establish themselves as a credible source for extending your hair color at an accessible price point in a very saturated market. The long term goal was to reach a new demographic of consumers who dye their hair and need constant refresh due to the costly process of hair bleaching.

︎︎︎ Final Packaging Design Direction

Through competitive analysis we were able to find a gap of underrepresented people who dye their hair but were not previously marketed to. Working alongside the social media team at Verb we casted people of different hair types who experienced brassiness in their blonde color treated hair. We also were able to have direct access to Professional Hairstylists who attended the model photoshoot to process the hair mask on the models, and become a model themselves. We wanted to focus on showing real people with real results. Throughout our work on this campaign we leaned into the color purple as a baseline for our creative. This allowed the blonde hair to contrast successfully to show the product efficacy. Additionally, the color purple was able to effectively stand out on a Sephora shelf vs. a white or natural bottle. To show the details of Verb’s Purple Mask we incorporated macro details for the formula and key ingredients. We wanted to impart a revealing aspect while marketing this product, and we were able to do that by displaying people with their brassy blonde hair (before) and with their toned hair after using the Verb Purple Mask.

︎︎︎ Diverse range of hair types being represented in our launch campaign.

︎︎︎ Detail shots of Purple Mask with Acai Berries (key ingredient) with water to symbolize the fluidity of the product and tie it to the before and after movement of the model photography.

︎︎︎ Model Photography with reveling aspect as a main pillar of our launch, to show the effectiveness of the product at a glance.

︎︎︎ Macro detail shots of product formula to bring the IRL shopping experience to dot com.

︎︎︎ Purple Mask landing page with a focus on mobile first. Creating a seamless experience for the consumer to recieve product education from Verb, as well as from professional stylists to increase credibility. 

︎︎︎ Instagram & Facebook Paid Social

︎︎︎ E-mail Design

Purple Mask was the most successful launch of Verb, increasing sales by 200%. It was the best selling hair color product for Sephora in Q2. Throughout the launch of the product we would continue to iterate based on our learnings. Ex. color contrast to grab attention, before and afters, replicating in-store experience digitally, professional.

Art Direction & Design: Jessica Sedeno
Design: Perri Vaaler
Model Photography: Taleen D.
Product Photography: Samuel Bristow
Digital Marketing: Julianne Cornfield

Verb ProductsConsumer Packaged Goods | Beauty Industry

Verb is a hair care brand made for people who want effective products at an affordable price point. They have a passion for saying what the product does and the product actually doing what it says.

Reset Collection Launch

Launch a new specialized hair care line within the Verb brand that would serve as a first step for new and existing consumers. Verb wanted to effectively add additional products to the hair care regimen of their consumer and continue to establish themselves as a professional hair care source. This product line was targeted for all hair types and we needed to ensure that was represented. We wanted to focus on creative that would have high visibility on social platforms.

︎︎︎ Packaging Design Direction for Reset 3 Step System

︎︎︎ Macro texture shots of the Reset Clarifying Shampoo and Reset Repairing Mask for use on primary use on PDP, Social, E-mail, and Packaging Design.

While keeping the existing product visuals top of mind, we wanted to convey that this new product line serves as a first step for new and returning users. While aiming to differentiate, we wanted to ensure that the brand visual was still tied back to the branding.

After research and competitive analysis we brainstormed on the name of the product line. We landed on ‘Reset’ as it was able to convey the concept of the line quite clearly: to bring your hair back to a healthier state with Clarifying Shampoo, Protein Mask and Sealing Mist.

With learnings from previous launches we captured models and product photography in bold contrasting colored backgrounds. The Reset rainbow became a core campaign asset, as a symbol of all hair types coming together to create this striking positive and fun background. We hired a muralist to paint a wall in Austin, Texas (home of Verb) and bring the rainbow to life. It served as a photo backdrop for our campaign, as well as a social experience for our demographic.

For our digital experience, we focused on displaying Verb as a problem solver. We listed what would be typical hair concerns based on top searches, and presented the Reset line as a solution for their concerns.

︎︎︎ Reset Campaign shot in Austin with the Reset Rainbow as a backdrop

︎︎︎ Educational Landing Page for the product launch. The Reset system needed more education than previously required on existing products on why consumers would need it, and how to use it.

︎︎︎ Paid Social for Instagram & Facebook

︎︎︎ E-mail Design

︎︎︎ Sephora Planograms

︎︎︎ Reset Kit Packaging Design with Custom Tin

︎︎︎ Reset Sampling Design for distribution across Sephora stores in US & Canada

Working with the themes of resetting, we were able to create a product line that would be easily differentiated from the existing core shampoos and conditioners. Developed creative that would have high visibility on social platforms and lead to conversions. The reset line increased sales by 130%.

Art Direction & Design: Jessica Sedeno
Design: Perri Vaaler
Model Photography: Hannah W.
Product Photography: Samuel Bristow
Digital Marketing: Julianne Cornfield


Curl Collection Launch

Art Direction, Packaging Design, Content Creation, Visual Merchandising, Digital Design

About Verb
Verb Products stemmed from a passion to bridge the gap between drug store and high-end hair care because who says good hair has to be out of reach. Over the course of 3 years I have worked as the lead designer to help build the voice, brand, UI and team for this emerging brand.

Junior Designer: Perri Vaaler
Product Photography: Samuel Bristow
Model Photography: Taleen Dersdepanian