Art director & designer specialized in brand, packaging, and digital design.


UX/UI Design, Branding

Divvy is an application concept intended to make group traveling seamless, fair and a budgeted experience.

When adventurers travel in groups it can be an amazing experience, but it can also be stressful due to varying opinions on how to go about activities while still taking different budgets into account.

Research Methods
Interviews, Competitive Analysis, Usability Testing

Interview Findings
• Spend time interviewing adventurers that travel in groups occasionally.
• Pros of traveling in a group. • Cons of traveling in a group.
• Details of group trips such as duration of the trip, how many people were in the travel group, budgets, group backgrounds, personal background.
• What websites or applications were used when planning the group trip.

Key Insights
•  People use about 10-15 apps on their smart phone.
• Traveling is a way to escape their everyday life.
• Group traveling is motivated by being able to reunite and live new experiences with people they care about.
• They travel often.
• Usually travels in group.

Usability Testing
• Remove chat icon whenever not necessary
• Allow user to go back in certain screens
• Create a screen that allows a trip overview at a glance to avoid confusion
• Give notifications when tasks have been completed
• Allow user to have a glance at their personal budget seamlessly
• Give trip overview to allow user to see what their money is going towards.