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Clearing Health

Post-Conversion Communications + Misc. Collateral

Clearing’s Post-Conversion Patient Communications
Health coaching is an integral part of the pain management process at Clearing, where patients have monthly visits with their health coach to assess their progress, adjust their care plan, and collaborate with the pain doctor on their care team to achieve pain relief.

The user experience design aimed to create a seamless and engaging experience for patients that would encourage them to schedule and attend their health coaching appointments, ultimately leading to improved pain management and health outcomes.

How might we increase scheduling and show rates for health coach visits by creating a user-centered design approach that is engaging, intuitive, and effectively communicates the benefits of health coaching to achieve successful pain management outcomes?

  • Designing for an older demographic with limited experience with technology and digital platforms.
  • Implementing a new care model for pain relief that was virtual, which was a departure from the traditional in-person pain management clinics. This often needed to be clarified for patients.
  • Patients were not scheduling their health coaching visits essential to their care plan to help alleviate their chronic pain.
  • Communicating the value of health coaching to patients who needed to understand its role in achieving pain relief.
  • Increasing scheduling and show rates for health coach visits were essential to successful pain management outcomes.

  • By taking into account that we were designing for an older demographic with limited experience with technology, we used larger font sizes and kept contrast as a priority. As well as a clear and simple layout that added delight but did not create additional distractions.
  • We used clear and concise language to explain the benefits and process of getting care at Clearing.
  • Used clear and actionable language to encourage patients to schedule their health coaching visits.
  • Included data and statistics to support the benefits of health coaching visits.
  • Included personalization to create an welcoming experience to our patients.

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